Kroll Responder MDR

Kroll Responder managed detection and response (MDR) merges our frontline threat intelligence, proprietary forensic tools, rich network, endpoint and cloud telemetry and unrivalled response capabilities to deliver enhanced visibility and rapidly shut down cyber threats.

Stop cyberattacks with Managed Detection and Response

Our experts are working in the background 24/7, acting as a virtual extension of your in-house team. We handle thousands of cyber incidents per year, and we bring that frontline expertise to accelerate your security maturity, virtually overnight, giving you the support of expert investigators and extensive visibility into your systems.

Managing CFIUS Compliance

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What You Get

How We Do It







Telemetry & Intelligence

Telemetry is collected from across your networks, endpoints, and cloud environments, analysed using the latest machine learning and behavioural detection engines, then enriched with the latest threat intelligence.

Detection & Enrichment

Detections are correlated and then grouped together by common attributes to create ‘cases’ – providing a more complete overview of security events.

Investigation & Hunting

Cases are triaged by our 24/7 Security Operations experts, using initial findings to hunt deeper before escalating those requiring additional attention to Kroll's elite incident response team.

Response & Containment

Automated response playbooks are enhanced with robust remediation to disrupt, contain, and eradicate threats before they cause costly damages.